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Why Do You Need It?

Imagine the world as it emerges from the post-COVID 19 lockdowns. It would be obvious that people will start commuting more than ever. This is the time when you need to pay special attention to scanning the body temperature of those walking into your premises. That’s only sure shot way to prevent the spread. A device like temp2cloud is your partner in creating a more secure workplace.

Mobile App-Based Device

Temp2Cloud is a mobile device based thermal scanner. It has many practical features. The device is connected to your mobile phone using a proprietary mobile app via Bluetooth. It hardly takes 5 minutes to set it up.

Multi-Location / Multi-Device Data Management & Cloud Storage

It’s natural that your office would have multiple entry and exit points. Apart from the approach points, there would certainly be areas where regular body thermal scanning would be required. With temp2cloud, you can deploy multiple scanners across your office locations and get all the scan data compiled into one centralized dashboard. All your data remains secure as the device uploads every piece of data on the cloud.

Aadhar Based Scanning

The device is capable of storing data on the basis of Aadhar Card. It makes organizing data a breeze. Also, it can enable the organization to keep track of movement from the pandemic point of view as the device also captures GPS data. The system creates documentary proof of scans that can be easily shared with authorities.


Temp2Cloud is a very portable and user-friendly device. It is so small that it can fit in your pocket. So, in case you need to move the location of the device then its as easy as carrying it in your pocket or putting them in a small bag and moving them.

Other Prominent Features


Temp2Cloud is a portable thermal scanner. It is used to capture the body temperature of people walking into your office. It uses an IR based Bluetooth Dongle that is used to capture body temperature. The Scanner is connected to the mobile device using a Bluetooth connection to dump the data into the mobile device, from where it is stored on the cloud.

Yes, data privacy and safety is a big feature of the device. All the data is stored on the cloud server. It comes with standard data security features too.

Temp2Cloud device is build using the best quality electronic hardware. It is designed to put in long hours of service. In case there is a malfunction then you can be assured of prompt customer care and tech care to resolve the issue.
We are sure you would require more than one device for complete coverage. You can give us a call for business enquiries. Alternatively, you can also fill in our contact form. Someone from our team will respond within one working day.

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